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Women's Dictionary

  1. Are you listening to me?! = I'm leaving you after this.
  2. Do whatever you want. = Give me attention.
  3. Do you love me? = Did I turn ugly?
  4. I don't know. = No.
  5. I feel ugly... = Tell me I'm beautiful.
  6. I have plans tonight. = Leave me alone.
  7. I'll be there in a second. = I'll be there in an hour.
  8. I'm not crying. = I need you.
  9. I'm not mad. = Of course I'm mad.
  10. I'm sorry. = You'll be sorry.
  11. It's okay... = I don't like it.
  12. I want new clothes... = ...and shoes, and jewelry, and purses...
  13. Maybe. = No.
  14. No. = Yes.
  15. Yes. = Yes.
  16. No. = No.
  17. Nothing, really. = There's something, actually.
  18. Sure, I guess... = No thanks.
  19. There's a spider there. = OMG KILL IT!
  20. Was that the dog? = Go downstairs and check for me.
  21. We have to talk. = You're in trouble.
  22. Where were you last night? = Are you cheating on me?
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