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20 Ways To Enjoy K-Mart

  1. Go for indoor shopping cart races.
  2. Walk really slow in narrow aisles when people are behind you.
  3. Type a "HELLO" message in all of the calculators and turn them upside-down.
  4. Crank up to the HIGHEST volume in all of the turned-off radios.
  5. Go to the entrance/exit area and welcome anyone who's LEAVING the store.
  6. When someone announces something, go in front of some crowd and say, "NO, IT'S THOSE VOICES AGAIN..!!!"
  7. Walk in a circle continuously with your hands holding your head and keep yelling, "HELP, I'M HALLUCINATING!!"
  8. When a K-Mart employee offers you for any help, glare at them and say, "Why don't all of you just leave me alone?!"
  9. Grab one of those bikes that K-Mart is selling and ride them all over the place.
  10. Press ALL of the talking Elmos' stomach and walk away quickly.
  11. Grab a random CD and say, "WHO WOULD EVEN BUY THESE THINGS?!"
  12. Hide yourself somewhere from public areas and keep repeating, "The prophecy will repeat itself..."
  13. Hide yourself somewhere from public areas and yell out loud, "LOOK, IT'S BON JOVI!!!"
  14. Go to the television section, choose a TV, and start talking to it.
  15. Stand in the center of K-Mart and stare DEEPLY at the ceiling.
  16. Touch and feel the walls of everything in K-Mart and keep saying, "Wow... this is fascinating discovery..."
  17. When someone enters the store, stalk them and keep doing this until they leave.
  18. Play your cell's ringtones and annoy everyone with it.
  19. Sit in the center with your head down and when someone asks you what's wrong, respond with a zombified look.
  20. Go to the stationary section and then yell, "I NEVER KNEW THEY HAD THESE IN K-MART?!"
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