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Random Quotes

  1. "A casual friend is someone you hang out with, but a best friend is someone you keep for a lifetime."
  2. "Not every chance is an opportunity. Make the opportunity a chance."
  3. "Don't sit and cry. So just get up and try."
  4. "A heart can break, but a circle can last forever."
  5. "I would rather be poor and happy than be rich and miserable."
  6. "You only need one large heart rather than thousands of mini hearts. He/She will be your one and only soulmate."
  7. "I can forgive to forget, but I can't forget to forgive."
  8. "Even if you're far away, we can still say each others' names and hope the wind will carry our voices."
  9. "Memories are precious, no matter how bad they are. You don't want to forget what had happened."
  10. "Dreams do come true if you don't let them go."
  11. "There is only one soulmate. He/She would be someone who's willing to die for you..."
  12. "Setting a goal is like raising a plant: You set the seed, water them everyday, and watch it bloom."
  13. "Nothing's ever too late. You can start everything over by doing it now."
  14. "Treat everything today like you will die tomorrow."
  15. "You don't have to have wings to be an angel."
  16. "Ask a question and you won't be stupid for a day. Don't ask a question and you'll be stupid forever."
  17. "What had happened had happened in the past. What has happen now is happening now."
  18. "Nothing's ever over if you don't treat it like one."
  19. "Denials can only hide the hatred for awhile, but you can't hide it forever."
  20. "You can't buy love when it's actually priceless."
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