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A Revived Blog..?

Hi all. It's 2016. The fact that this section hasn't been updated for over 3 years means I really want to blog about something. It's pretty much life in general, and it's probably a little negative; a little realistic. So here we go.

After entering the "more" real world since 2013, I started to realize a couple things, and it surely stood out so far in 2016. Trust issues. I can't seem to stress that enough, but people are so prone to trust issues. It happens in your personal life as well as your work life. The more you grow up, the more responsibilities people put on you. And here's the catch: You're doing an awesome job? Great! Now you're going to keep getting relied on for the same thing, probably a thing you hated doing in the first place but obligated to do it. In other words, people will take advantage of it because you've already done it! Being too kind to others? Great! They'll use that as an advantage because they can! Because you won't get mad at them! And even when you do call it out, they'll only temporarily change until you're open to doing what they ask for again, because they know you won't stay mad or angry for long!

That my friends, is called life. I used to think it's pessimism growing up, but no, it's not. It's realism. This is the real world, and it sure is a sad one. We start to lose trust in each other easier than ever everyday, because the other person can't get what they want from you, so then you end up working harder. But in the end, you're the one who's taking all the damage; all the blame. And the worst part? You can't avoid it.

I miss being a kid again. Kids have it easier; oblivious to the real world. They can rely on their parents and/or guardians and not have to worry about a thing in the world. Because as a kid, you automatically "trust" the closest adult next to you to take care of you. But like I said, as you grow up, you have to rely more and more on yourself. And when you learn to try to "trust" others, you uncover the truth behind their masks and that you can only trust yourself.

As far as I know, plenty of people get used everyday and not even realize it. It's only when it becomes overwhelming that they start to notice things like, "Hey, why am I wasting so much of my time and effort on this?" I wish it was that easy to let go... Sometimes, I wish I can move away somewhere far and tell no one about it.

Maybe then, I'll rightfully get acknowledged.

Mahgii @ 4:09 PM - 05.16.16

Welcome to My New Domain!

I have finally moved everything from my free subdomain account to this wings-x.net domain! Hurray! I bought this domain during my school year in January, when it was the start of my winter quarter of 2013. So now that the quarter ended, I deleted the minor things and have officially moved here. :) The reason why I bought this domain during the quarter was because it was for my Web II class. Everything also went well in this class, as I have received an A. Yay me!

Also, I have finally updated links and small contents. Everything should work and make more sense now. If you guys ever catch something not loading right, please contact me right away. Thank you and have a nice day.

Mahgii @ 2:16 AM - 03.28.13

Website Mostly Done

Hello guys! The website is mostly done, just need to still possibly add a picture or two. Also, the Blog Archives will be completely renewed. Old archives from the XOXO website will not be transferred, but saved for my own personal references. It will not be accessed here. Anyway, thanks for viewing my main website WingsX! :)

Mahgii @ 8:22 PM - 09.02.12

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