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Last Lines

  1. "What did you say this button does?!"
  2. "Come here, kitty, kitty, kitty..."
  3. "So it ends here."
  4. "I'll love you until death."
  5. "Oh. My. God."
  6. "What the heck ARE you?"
  7. "Oh god, oh god, oh god..."
  8. "Am I gonna die from this?"
  9. "Ooooh, can I touch it?"
  10. "Pull this trigger and what?!"
  11. "What's that behind me..?"
  12. "Crap. I can't get out."
  13. "Son, you'll never know when the world ends."
  14. "Oh look! A shooting star!"
  15. "How do you shut this goddamn THING off?!"
  16. "Dude. I'm trying to FIX this, okay?!"
  17. "It's okay. I am a professional at this."
  18. "Who did you say you were..?"
  20. "Oh look an angel..."
  21. "Everybody, RUN AWAY!"
  22. "I gave you everything, and this is what I get?"
  23. "I hate you."
  24. "I'll see you up there after YOU die, alright?!"
  25. "What big teeth you have!"
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