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About WingsX

WingsX started in June of 2012, however the website's contents had been with me much longer than that. Basically what happened was WingsX used to be called XOXO, because I thought it was more personal to me since this is both a blog and graphics website. I was previously hosted somewhere else as well, and that is what gave me the idea of the name. However that's not just the end of it. XOXO used to have another name known as Wishful Wings, so at least this "first" name was more related to this current WingsX name. In the end, I decided to go with WingsX because in a way, it was a mixture of both XOXO and Wishful Wings. "Wings" represented the good and the bad sides of me, and "X" for other personal reasons. Thus, WingsX was born. Chances are, I will be permanently sticking with this name.

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