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My Guy

Falling in love is the greatest thing.
But what happens when you have nobody right now?
Someone like me just want to love somehow.
And someone like everyone,
We all have different tastes of who we want.
As for my guy,
He would have to be tall but not too tall.
He can't be too big, nor too small.
He has to have a caring smile
That can make my world go wild.
He has to be more mature than me,
So that I know he'd be the one to fill my half.
He obviously has to be someone
Who would not stab my back.
He has to belong completely to me
Without a doubt.
And every time I say his name with a shout,
He would have to come for my need.
He has to be able to send text messages
Whenever he has free time.
And he has to call me and give me
Random roses whenever he feels like it.
Nothing in my life should ever be complicated.
He has to be "perfect" in my definition
And give me kisses for addition.
He has to be cute and sort of skinny,
And he has to be Asian just like me.
I want his qualities the same as my profile,
And that he'd give me surprises once in a while.
His age has to be older or the same
Because I don't like being with younger guys,
As for most of them who desires only fame.
This guy cannot be from a foreign country,
As I have already dated one before.
He has to live in the same area
Or better if the streets were short.
Now that I have listed this long list,
I wait for my guy's arrival.
Until that one day I meet him,
I won't ever let go.
My life with him would then start to grow.

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