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50 Facts

  1. I play the violin.
  2. I'm shorter than the average height.
  3. I get lazy easily.
  4. I play the flute.
  5. I love to be praised by others.
  6. I'm arrogant at times.
  7. I love eating plain things.
  8. I'm picky and sometimes spoiled.
  9. I get pretty impatient.
  10. I get annoyed easily.
  11. I'm usually the hyper one.
  12. I can be pretty loud.
  13. I hate to get left out.
  14. I still like Sailor Moon at this age.
  15. I have lovely pets.
  16. I used to own more than 8 turtles.
  17. I adore bunnies.
  18. I absolutely love my boyfriend.
  19. I like having long hair.
  20. I want to be better than my 2 older brothers.
  21. I love cheese.
  22. I grew up artistic without art classes.
  23. I play the piano.
  24. I used to be very boy-crazy.
  25. I hate those who judges me.
  26. I like to mix and match clothes.
  27. I like strawberry flavors.
  28. I wish to have a lot of money.
  29. I like anime.
  30. I love the Pokemon Kyogre and Pikachu.
  31. I like to own colorful things.
  32. I daydream a lot before sleeping.
  33. I like English for school subjects.
  34. I think real life drama can be amusing.
  35. I like romantic yet emo songs.
  36. I love watching Asian dramas.
  37. I have too much school supplies.
  38. I like to think I'm the best in creativity.
  39. I like cheese pizza.
  40. I love ramen.
  41. I'm 98% trustworthy.
  42. I love cute and "kawaii" things.
  43. I like being around clean areas.
  44. I have most of my childhood items.
  45. I don't get enough privacy.
  46. I hate seeing real blood.
  47. I enjoy picking on those who are younger.
  48. I wish I had more time in general.
  49. I like to meet happy and nice people.
  50. I believe world peace can never happen.
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