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"Because I Love You"

I saw you at the mall
And I followed you from there.
But when you saw me,
Why did you run away
Like you didn't care?

I met up with you again
And you looked at me strange.
What, was there something on me,
Something on my teeth,
Or to you, my face changed?

I walked up to you
And then I asked why.
"Why did you ran away
When you saw me,
Even when we just passed by?"

And there you stood stunned
With a shocked look on your face.
Then you sighed and then said,
"I ran away because
I can't see you right now at this place."

The moment you said that made me sad
And made me want to really run away too.
As soon as I turned around to walk,
You suddenly grabbed my arm
And then said, "Because I love you."

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