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Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes it made me wonder
How you're so close to me.
I have so much things to say
But nothing comes out during this pace.
Sometimes I wonder
That if the saddest thing on Earth
Happened at this time,
It would be knowing that this closest person
Wouldn't tell me what's on his mind.
Sometimes I wonder what you think
Of me as your "friend."
How is it that we have this long conversation,
And not that "one thing" was ever mentioned?
We come close to it to talk about it,
And yet we never made it any further.
So whatever that you or I was going to say,
The subject was always changed.
Sometimes I wonder
What you were thinking during that moment.
We always had this wall in between us
That something tells me it would've been "love."
We couldn't reach it and I still wonder why.
Maybe it's the fact that it's our personality,
The one that's called "shy"?
Wondering and wondering is still going on.
Now I wanna know something from you...
Do you have these wonders as much as I do?

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