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"With You"

You were able to drive me home
Since I had no ride.
You have no idea
Just how I am feeling inside.

We got into your car
And the music cranked up.
I sat back and relaxed
As the car started up.

At first,
We had nothing to say.
You just drove your car
In your very own way.

I started thinking
That you were the one I talked to last night,
And you were the one
Who made me feel all right.

You were the one who I shared laughs with,
And you were the one who made me happy.
You really made an impact in my life
And now it's really getting to me.

But when I turned a little to look at you,
You looked like you had a lot of thoughts.
What was going on in your mind,
Or was there something you forgot?

We are here sitting next to each other,
Yet at the same time,
We are so far from each other.
I wanted to know what was in your mind.

I wanted to be the girl that you can talk to,
And I wanted to be the one that makes a change.
Your heart right now is so confused
That it needs a small arrange.

I can jump into your heart
And move the puzzles around.
I can create a new piece
So a new place can be found.

Not knowing what to do or say,
I suddenly thought of that one song.
I picked up your iPod
Hoping it wasn't gone.

I asked you where the song was
And you helped me find it.
It was really weird since you were also driving,
It scared me a little, I have to admit.

When the song came up
You cranked the volume louder.
I laid back and listened,
And wished this was an endless hour.

I still knew that you had problems
Hiding inside with your confusion.
I really wished I could take it all away
And end your distraction.

I wanted to make the best out there is
Even though I know not all dreams come true.
But I would still want to be there,
"With You."

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