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It's Who I Am

I knew we weren't meant to be
Since the beginning when we met.
Though I really did thought
That you were the one,
But right now I have to forget.
I only saw you for you on the phone
And you only saw me for me on the phone.
What we didn't see was what we were
In person and not on verbal conversation.
Who knew that we both
Weren't what we expected.
And now things are just more complicated.
It was great when we watched the movie
And got out feeling comfortable with each other.
But when we caught up with my friends,
Right then it was already over.
You did not talk as much on the phone with me
Than you did with me in person.
I tried to lift up the mood
By asking if you wanted to eat some food.
I could tell you were forcing yourself to be nice,
But deep down,
You were feeling awkward and weird inside.
It was great while it lasted,
And we were blinded while it ended.
So even though you had most of the right qualities,
You still wanted a lot more of me.
I was unfortunately too much of a child
That you knew you can't accept someone so wild.
On the other hand,
You also wanted me to change
In a way that I didn't want to lose the me.
So what if I was childish and sort of shy?
I'd rather cry my heart out
Than be someone that's a lie.
It was great meeting you,
And I hope it was great for you too.
But there is something I have to say
Before I end this poem in a harsh way.
You who wanted me to change
To someone I don't want to be,
You could find yourself a desperate slut
And get away from me.
You're just a shallow little jerk
Who won't accept me for who I am.
Now I'll move proudly with my own life
With you far away from my mind.

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