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A Valentine's Day Poem

As I sit here typing up this poem,
I think of someone special.
He's like a star to me
Always brightening me up in the sky.
And every time I look up,
I would see him smiling
Right before my eyes.
I think about him each and everyday,
I start admiring
How he's so wonderful in every way.
But there's one thing he doesn't know,
And it's something I want to show,
That there is someone out there
Just thinking about him all the time.
Oh don't you just love how this poem rhymes?
Like in other poetries I've seen:
"Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Just wishing that you'd read this,
To let you know I need you!"
Now that I have finally thought of this,
Wondering if I should make a longer list,
Maybe I will tell you more
Of how I've envied you since before!
Every time you pass right by me,
I get a strange feeling that tingles.
I couldn't shake if off,
And oh my god,
I just can't help it but giggle!
I stare after you when you start to leave.
But every time when I lost your sight,
My heart aches and it starts to bleed.
Oh how I wanted to stalk you.
Just wanting you to notice me
How this crazy person
Really is so darn crazy!
This poem turned out longer than I thought.
My heart is sitting right here in the pot.
It awaits for you to one day and come
Just to boil it with passion and love!
Now that this poem is finally ending,
I just wish you knew that one little thing.
That this wasn't a lie but it's true,
All my feelings are all for you!

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