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Sometimes I wish the world would just be quiet
And give me the power to stop time.
Sometimes I wish the world would just shut up
And give me the time to cry.

Sometimes I wish the world would just go silent
And give me the peace I desired.
Sometimes I think the world's too loud
Made me have a heart of fire.

Sometimes I wonder why the world always talked
And gives me the pressure that I hate.
Sometimes I wonder why this world's unfair
Made me feel like I had to fade.

Sometimes I really hate the world of filth
When people trash you with dirt and words.
Sometimes I wish I can talk right back
But the verbal abuse had really hurt.
Sometimes people really are just too stupid
To know how they're so lame.
Sometimes I wish I can isolate myself from here
Since I know everyone's a pain.

Sometimes, just sometimes,
I wish I could die.
But I know that sometimes,
Everything's really alright.

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