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A Committed Sin

It wasn't that long ago
That you two were so cute together.
I'd see you almost everywhere
As if you know that you won't forget her.

A couple months had passed
And you two have gotten close.
My friends and I would all
Make fun of both of you most.

Although not so long later,
Something strange had happened.
You and her drifted apart
And the love between had broken.

Luckily some time had passed,
And you guys fixed the mistake.
But you guys weren't as close as before
That something seems a little fake.

Another occurrence appeared
And she would suddenly snap.
You always get pissed off
Whenever she does that.

Further and further you two went
And the love between was almost gone.
But lately I've talked to you more
And I noticed something was wrong.

It wasn't the fact that you guys drifted,
Nor was it the fact that you guys weren't as close.
It was the feeling that I couldn't shake off;
Something that was beginning to show.

As friends,
I always liked bugging you and picking on you.
You at the same time,
Do that to me too.

Something was really wrong
And I felt like something was coming back.
It's been awhile since I had this weird feeling
And it had already hit me with its attack.

I knew what this answer was,
But I thought to myself,
"No, this can't be right!
You're not supposed to crawl out the well!"

Inside of me it had already come out.
My words to you are
Is that I've begun to have feelings somehow.

I felt guilty
As if I'm betraying my friend.
Even though I haven't done anything,
These feelings just won't end.

How could this have happened?
You guys were having some sort of issue,
And now I'm developing feelings
That weren't meant to be for you.

My brain's twirled
And my heart's twisted.
I wanted to strangle myself
And rip my feelings out to kill it.

But even right now I don't understand
What was still going on within.
Before I knew it,
I think I committed a sin.

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