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The Pillow

It was a gift given to me not too long ago.
Something very precious filled with meanings;
Something I would hold dearly every night,
Or even on days when I'm sad with tears in my eyes.

It was black, white, and furry
And symbolized someone important.
On days when he isn't here,
I would cuddle with it and pretend he's near.

There were even a few times
Where I would get so sad
And end up yelling at it for not being there.
I would get all teary knowing that it's nothing but a bear.

I want him here and I want him there.
I'm so greatly attached that it drives me insane.
I find things to do to get my mind off of it,
But in the end something will remind me of him.

No matter where I go,
I am reminded of him.
I miss him and even though I've seen him a day before,
It just doesn't make much difference when I'm longing for more.

I'm not going to hide it
And I will say it now right here.
I do get lonely and sad no matter what I do.
I just can't help it but freaken miss you.

I know you worry about me and hope I find fun things to do.
But even if I am doing something,
Something will always be there
And an image of you will end up everywhere.

I just can't help it
But love you too much.
It's something I had never felt;
Someone like you to make my heart melt.

It's like I'm constantly driven to a well
And had fallen every time.
I would wait for you to save me
And end this countless misery.

I've grown too addicted to you
And I just can't stop it.
I don't think I've ever cried this much
Just because I really miss your touch.

But now I just sit here and wait some more
Until I see you again.
I know I'll worry you,
But it'll be all worth the wait for me too.

At least I still have this present
That you gave me not too long ago.
I have something to hold for now
Until you show up somehow.

This was a gift from you
And I absolutely love it.
But just to let you know the truth,
It's just not the same because it's not you.

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