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Just One Day

Just one day,
Everybody around you is going to change.
Someone would fall in love with you
Or someone would just move away.
You would find something new to like
And he would have something else in mind.
You might eventually get with someone
In which you've never met before.
He would choose a different path
In which you thought you knew him more.
Nothing seems to make sense.
You think you're lost
And is really striving for something,
But in the end,
The twists would make your life more interesting.
Just one day,
Everything around you is going to change.
You're going to find some new dream
And you're going to find some new drama.
More things are to come up ahead but heck,
Who said it was enough?
Though until that one day comes,
Think of this present.
Think how you have so much right now,
And to use it wisely somehow.
Think of those who cares around you
And just realize
That there really is more to come.
Just one day,
It will come.

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