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Moving On

You recently broke up with your girlfriend
And I recently broke up with my boyfriend.
Though I continued moving my life along,
Your passion for her was still strong.

Ever since the day I met you,
I thought of you as a very nice guy.
But what I found out was that you're taken
And I never thought of you as more than a friend.

About 2 years later or so,
She decided to break up with you.
But also around that time,
I was taken by a friend of mine.

I was with this boyfriend for about a month,
And just like that, I decided to break it off.
I became single and cried,
But what I didn't notice was this one other guy.

This one other guy was you
And I fell for you around this summer.
I wasn't sure if I really was crushing on you,
But for sure I knew I was denying the truth.

Until I found out that I was falling for you more,
I decided to let a few of my friends know.
I wanted them to give you some hints,
Which I just told them, "Please go tell him."

By the time you found out it was me,
You decided to hide the fact that you knew.
You told one of my friends that you won't reject me
But at the same time, you won't accept me.

You still had some feelings for your ex-girlfriend,
And you didn't want to be in a relationship.
Though you didn't reject me however,
It made me confused whatsoever.

I realized that I still had a chance
And that I should not give up.
I want you to enjoy a happy life with me
And that I'll be there whenever you're in need.

So please as of right now,
Say to yourself you'll move on.
I'm not asking you to take me this fast,
But I don't want you to suffer in the past.

Copyright © 2009 WingsX. All rights reserved unless otherwise stated.