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Love is a complex feeling.
I still don't understand what it's like to be in love.
Just what is this strange disease;
This bothering feeling that we all hope of?

Most people in everyone's lives
Have gone through this developed feeling.
You would start off with meeting this person,
And then you wouldn't be able to stop thinking.

You wouldn't be able to take your eyes
Off this particular creature of your kind.
It was almost as if a stupid baby angel
Had used his arrow to glue your poor behind.

You would then go through and wonder
Just what this sort of sickness is.
Why is it that every time you see this unique person,
You would freeze up and bite your lips?

After that experience,
You would get paranoid and be scared
That you would do something stupid.
So paranoid that it seems the other person will not care.

You finally worked up the nerve
To ask for this person's phone number.
You don't even have a clue why you want it,
You just want to know if you could contact him or her.

You became very happy that he or she gave you the number.
You start scheduling in your head when to call.
The deeper you thought about it,
The more you wanted to fall.

You were so happy
But still knew one other thing.
You came back to reality
And knew that you can't do this with just a ring.

You already knew this person didn't felt the way you did.
He or she was willing to give you the number though,
But it did not mean that he or she had special feelings
Such as what you felt so.

You couldn't cross the other line
Because of these rules that this sickness game had gave.
You knew that if you went overboard,
You would lose everything that you wanted to take.

This sickness or game that you are playing
Are full of risks and becomes a gamble.
You either win everything and become happy
Or lose it all and be in shambles.

You're stuck in one position and not sure how to move.
Should you take a step forward and find out
Or change your mind right then
And make a roundabout?

You wanted to know if you could reach the other side
And possibly win in this board game of countless laps.
Or should you stay where you are at,
So you don't have to go through those risky traps?

In the end,
You just don't know what to do.
You're pretty much stuck
And don't want to feel hurt too.

Love is a complex feeling.
I haven't found my answer yet.
I wish I could've understood it by now,
Though I'm busy with someone I should forget.

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