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Left Hand

They say left-handed women
Have a shorter life span than those of right.
Though I am right-handed,
Being left-handed has a symbolic meaning,
For those meanings are of significance to me.

If I were to shake hands with you
And I trust you much,
I would use my left hand
For my left hand once held a shield.
I have let my guard down just for you.

If you were left-handed
And you stood next to me on my right,
I would've easily held hands with you.
And thus, both of us can be unified
With our momentous hands.

If you were to be in trouble
And needed someone there,
I would place my left hand on your shoulder
For it will transmit passivity into you
And make you realize I am there.

If I were to draw a heart
For I am right-handed,
It would not be completed without
The left side of the heart,
In which you will draw mutually with me.

If I were to fall in love,
I would look at you in the eyes.
I would take your hand
And put it on my chest
For our hearts are located on our left side.

If I asked you to shoot me
And kill me upon the request I favor,
I would hope that you do.
For I am willing to die for you
With the gun in your own left hand.

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