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The Krew

You know what I like about The Krew?
We're still intact after all these years.
Through thick and thin, we've survived it all.
There are both happy and sad times,
But we never fall.
The thing about The Krew
Is that sometimes people leave.
But at the very same time,
New people come to meet.
We may be strangers for a while or two,
But eventually we come together
And unify as "The Krew."
Some of you I've known for years,
While others for a few months.
But what's most important
Is the bond between us.
We've had our fun throughout the years
And now it's gonna end.
But who said we're gone forever?
We're still indeed friends.
We may be going our separate ways,
But doesn't mean we won't keep in touch.
We're all stuck together like glue
Because our love is way too much.
I hope you all will never forget me,
And I will never forget you.
Because even in the future,
We will still be "The Krew."

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