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And Just Like That

And just like that,
I let you go.
I felt sorry since I knew
That you won't move on
Until the day that you do.
I don't know when,
Or I don't know how,
But someday,
You'll find someone
Who would turn your sadness
I wanted to continue
To keep loving you.
But these feelings kept changing,
And I didn't know what else to do.
I'm grateful we're still friends.
Just like what they say,
"Friends to the end."
But as a friend I wish you this,
Move on and don't suffer.
These are the words from my lips.
I don't want to see you hide
In that one corner,
The corner you've kept inside.
I hate to see you say "I miss her,"
When deep down,
You already knew the answer.
I really wanted to keep loving you
So it would help you move on.
But I failed to do so,
So I am very sorry.
You are a precious friend to me.
But no matter what,
Don't think you should "let it be."
Mend your wounds
And let others inside.
Wish upon a star
And don't try to hide.
These are my words to you
As a friend.
And just like that,
You're still my friend.

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