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Don't Judge Me

Don't judge me.
You all don't acknowledge me.
You all want me to do things.
You all put me under pressure
And think I am not listening.
The things I do are things you don't know.
The things I do are things that's useful.
Just because I don't do things your way
Doesn't mean I don't know how.
Don't judge me
And turn things upside-down.
I am who I am and not your slave.
You think you know me,
But you don't know nothing for god's sakes.
Stop saying I'm lazy and is always laid back.
I've had enough drama in my life
So stop turning things more wack.
You guys don't know how hard I do
And how hard I try.
If you're gonna keep putting me down,
I'll rub in the irony right before your eyes.
I'll show you bastards how great I can be
And not something that you all called me.
Stop thinking like you know me,
When you don't know anything at all.
Stop expecting me to do things your way
Especially nagging with multiple calls.
Honestly at times,
I really hate every one of you.
For all the things that you say
Are all nonsenses and not true.
Once I get older,
I'll show you all.
I'll rub this irony into your face
And for this I'll prove:
I'm far off more superior than you.

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