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Me, Myself, And Her

There's always been something
I've been aching to get rid of.
It always look back at me
As if keeping me from being free.

It's a type of glass
That I've been wanting to destroy.
It always stare back at me
Making me at a loss for its mystery...

Why do I see this other being
Living on the other side?
Why is this creature reversed
And not in me to be merged?

"Hello, You, or is it Me,"
I would say.
"How are you doing over there,
Is that a place that we should compare?"

Because this reversed clone
Is inside this seemingly strange "doorway,"
I assume she's the type to love herself.
She's after all the opposite of me and everything else.

"I don't like you,"
I would say.
"I see myself in you
And it's bothering me just as much too."

Whenever I see her
I am reminded on how this is me.
"I want to break you,"
Is what I've been wanting to do.

In reality I am split in between.
I can be extremely happy or really sad.
These two of me drives me away
From what I fully want on those happy days.

Now I see this reflection
Staring right back at me on the other side.
"I can't take it anymore,"
And just like that I've demolished the door.

Bits and pieces flew in the air
As the shattered glass entered my veins.
My knuckles bleed,
But at least the mirror lays broken beneath my feet.

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