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A Call For Help In A Dream

In this crowd of a highly-populated place,
I found myself alone.
I moved my head down and stared at the ground,
And realized that no one's even close.

I moved my head back up and see the buidings
As they rise from big to small.
It made me want to cry somewhere in the dark
That this was the reason that was all.

I walked alone in this mob of shadows
As if no one even saw me.
I felt myself being drawn in even more
Towards something that's full of invisibility.

My body began to disappear
Along with the rest of my mind.
I could almost no longer feel anything
As I began to fall behind.

Not wanting to accept this fact
Made me call after this crowd.
I called as loud as I can
But no one could hear this shout.

My heart began to waver
As I began to feel as though I'm being torn.
Torn from this world of a highly-populated place
To the time I wasn't even born.

People ignored me as though I'm just a rock,
That even if I disappear no difference would be made.
I cried even louder than before
When I realized that I was gonna fade.

The deeper I sink in,
The dimmer my voice had sound.
I heard laughter and happiness,
But it was soon nowhere to be found.

Soon I had awoken from this horrid dream,
And realized I had slept in front of familiar faces.
They were laughing and joking
As I looked around at the places.

In this crowd of a highly-populated place,
I found myself alone.
Even though I just had a nightmare,
This dream was starting to be shown.

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