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We Are Your Friends

You looked around and listened
As you would always do.
Everyone comes to you to talk,
But you would feel you have nothing too.

You start to ask yourself,
"Why isn't my life just as interesting
As the rest of my friends?
Why do I feel lonely about almost nothing?"

You feel left out because you're the only one.
You feel depressed sometimes because you keep it in.
But why must you do something like that?
We are, indeed, your friends.

When you have something to talk about,
Talk to us or at least some of us.
When you have something blocking your chest,
Let it out and relieve the dust.

We want to clean away that dust from you
So you can relieve that stress.
You may think it's not a big deal,
But even you know that you needed a rest.

It's okay that the thing you wanted hasn't come yet.
We are still in our young age and have a long way to go.
Be patient about it
And it will eventually come as I say so.

Don't keep everything in
As you would feel more pain.
You know that we are here for you
Even when you need someone to blame.

You were always there for us
When we needed an ear.
But now it's our turn
For us to hear.

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