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Two Forces

There are two forces
That strangles me in my life.
One's on the left
And one's on the right.

One side shows friendship
Who are people who's always there.
People that I laugh about with
And people who really cares.

The other side is love.
Something that I've been waiting for,
Someone that has finally accepted me
Since it didn't happen before.

These forces are all something I wanted
And I finally have it all.
But I'm forced to choose only one,
Should I really let one fall?

I am trapped in a dark room
And it constantly tells me,
"If you can't choose one at all,
Then you won't be free."

I start to think and think,
But I have no clue.
What do I really want,
And what do I want to do?

I don't want to leave my friends behind
Since they're the ones that kept me alive.
They have always been here and there
Because it's something that we all share.

I don't want to leave my love life alone
Since I'll have someone to think when I'm at home.
My heart will stay filled and completed
And that he'll be there whenever I need it.

Now that I'm dragged between these two,
I still have no idea what to choose.
I want it all to work it out,
So I won't have anymore of these doubts.

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