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Probably Fate

It's been over a year
Since I first noticed you.
You were behind that counter
And I was waiting to get through.

As I got closer to you
And we were face-to-face,
The mood I felt around you
Made my heart race.

Your first words to me
I cannot clearly remember.
All I knew was that everything disappeared
Except just each other.

You told me the total price of whatever I bought
And I handed you the bill.
You asked me if I wanted a bag
But I kind of froze and stayed still.

Of course I didn't wanna look stupid
And said "Yes I'd like a bag."
You helped me put the stuff in
As I stared at your LA hat.

I left and turned around once more
And thought if I would see you again.
I decided to visit you more often
'Cause I didn't want to let this end.

After visiting you for some time
You suddenly stopped showing up.
I didn't know where you went off to
And wasn't sure if I should give up.

Some time later I noticed you with your friends
Up in those steps.
But I didn't have the nerve to go up to you
And knew I would probably make a mess.

At one point I gave up
And somehow ended up with someone else.
He became my first official guy
But didn't knew till later I was ruining myself.

We broke up after about 6 months
And I was "blah" and "meh" again.
He wasn't who I thought he was,
Who only wanted me for my body as I went.

I ranted and vented to everyone
Thinking all guys are frikken dicks.
All they wanted was to "get some"
With any sorts of chicks.

Months passed and now I'm a second year.
I felt like everything is just going to end.
I didn't care about anything else
And only cared about my friends.

Winter quarter of my second year started
And I felt like buying some food.
I saw you once again behind the counter
As I froze there and stood.

My friend and I made up this setup
So I get my chance to talk to you.
As I came up to you and looked for my change,
I said, "Oh I think you're on my Facebook!"

And then from that day on
We started hanging out.
I told you the truth on how I really noticed you
And what it's all about.

You made my heart jump already
Just from that very first day.
I had to go through some really bad things
To climb over from being in my way.

I learned from you that there really is hope,
And that I love absolutely everything as you are.
Even if you don't think you're all that "perfect,"
To me you're like a freaken shooting star.
So starlight, star bright,
I realized how long I had to wait.
A year since I noticed you had finally passed,
Maybe all this was actually fate.

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