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Empty Spot

It used to be just the four of us.
The four of us girls always hung out
Way back in middle school.
We always laugh and always shout.

Back in middle school
We had our orchestra tours.
There was this one hotel that we stayed
And it was only just us four.

Though I was the only one that stayed
While you guys went to the pool downstairs.
You two were in the pool waiting for her to jump
And luckily, she wasn't even scared.

As we look back
We see the picture of her in goggles.
It was taken in the same hotel room
And boy, it was filled with giggles.

No matter where we went,
Even today,
Whenever it's just us four,
It's always a great perfect day.

These past 2 years became strange
And she became more distant.
Slowly, she started to change.

Everyone noticed she became more invisible,
And we found out a new friend of hers had appeared.
Us "original four" became us "three."
And slowly, she began to disappear.

Even though we take group pictures
And she is in it,
We'll look at her fake smile
And we can tell she doesn't want to fit in.

It used to be just the four of us.
Even though it doesn't seem like it's a lot,
We were very close with one another.
But now, there's an empty spot.

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