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I Had A Dream

I had a dream
Where my hair grew long.
It was so beautiful
For each time I jog.
The wind blows
And in the sun it shines.
My hair was so soft
As it glows in the light.

I had a dream
Where I became rich.
Everywhere I go,
I had to ditch.
People chased after me
As they wanted my fame.
I run away laughing
As they called my name.

I had a dream
Where I dominated the world.
I changed all the rules
With this just one girl.
I made sure no one was hurt.
I had the power of all.
This is what you all get
For calling me "small"!

But I had this one dream
Where I saw you...
You smiled at me and said,
"Hope this comes true."
I woke up and wondered,
While lost at the same time.
But you suddenly came over
As you smiled and said, "Hi."

I didn't have to be pretty or famous.
As long as you're here now,
I know I must already be wondrous.
You looked at me and started to say,
"I didn't really know why I came,
But I had a dream that there was you..."
I looked at you with a smile and said,
"I had a dream too."

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