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One would probably think I'm putting on a mask.
One would probably wonder and want to ask,
"Who are you really?
Do you have a twin
That you have been keeping from me?"

And I would smile at you like how I always do,
"No I am not keeping anything from you,
It's just that there are two of me.
One that you have been talking to,
And one that you did not see."

I am different when I am with my family and friends.
I act very happy and pleased when I am around them.
But once I become isolated and am alone,
I revert to a different person
And have my heart closed.

I have violent and dark thoughts,
Thinking everything around me should go to hell and rot.
But once I am surrounded once more,
I turn back into the lighter side
And push the dark side back into the door.

You would probably ask me how this started,
That something happened when I was broken-hearted.
I'll just tell you now that it is partially that,
But it is also just the way I am
And it isn't something bad.

You can say I have two identities,
But in the end they are both me.
I am both a little angel,
In which you see me everyday,
And a demonic devil.

I am not acting as another like I want to.
It's just the way I am once I see you.
So even if you ask who is the real me,
The answer is that
It is both from what you perceive.

So the question is,
Will you accept me from this?
I have this split personality going on
And for sure,
It's not going to be gone.

It is not one
And it is not none.
It is two and I ask you this,
"Do you still want to know me
And leave it as it is?"

Copyright © 2009 WingsX. All rights reserved unless otherwise stated.